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 AlphaBrowser is a universal viewer, player and highlight text editor

Simple file editor
with multimedia capability

AlphaBrowser is a text editor with syntax highlighting and a viewer of today's most popular file formats:

  • MS Office (*.doc, *.rtf, *.xls).

  • Html (*.html, *.htm, *.shtml, *.asp, *.css).

  • Audio (*.mp3, *.mid, *.wav, *.rmi, *.midi).

  • Video (*.avi, *.mov, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat).

  • Graphics (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.ico, *.emf, *.wmf, *.gif, *.ani).

  • Resources *.exe and *.dll of files (not encoded certainly).

ScreenShort - AlphaBrowser

The highlight syntax of the text is available for files:

  • Assembler (*.asm).

  • MS DOS Batch file (*.bat).

  • Visual Basic (*.bas, *.vbs, *.vbp).

  • C++ (*.c, *.cpp, *.h, *.hpp, *.bpg, *.bpr, *.bpk).

  • Form files (*.dfm).

  • Java script (*.java, *.js, *.jsc, *.jpr).

  • Ini (*.ini).

  • Html (*.html, *.htm, *.shtml, *.asp, *.css).

  • Pascal (*.pas, *.dpr, *.dpk, *.inc).

The possibility of creating projects allows fast access to the most often used files, it is necessary only to indicate the file names or directories.

For html files it is possible of view, edit, and preview the file.

The program was initially written with the purpose of embedding it in any program shell (for example in FAR or Total Commander) as an external text editor (called usually by pressing F4).

Installation of AlphaBrowser as the external editor

Setup in FAR:

  • Run FAR manager

  • Select the menu item: Options\Editor settings...\

  • In the appeared dialogue to set:

    External Editor
    (.) Use for F4
    ( ) Use for Alt-F4

    Editor Command:
    (full path to the program AlphaBrowser) !.!

  • Press OK!

Setup in Total Commander:

  • Run Total Commander

  • Select the menu item: Configuration\Options\Edit\View\

  • Select Editor for F4 - AlphaBrowser.exe (with a full path)

  • Press OK!

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