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 OE DBX Repair FAQ

I haven't found the dbx file corresponding to my incoming mail folder, but I have found a file with the extension dbt. Can this help me?

Yes, the dbt file is a temporary copy of the dbx file. If the power was shut off, or there was no room on the disk, or if Outlook Express crashed for some other reason and you can't find the required dbx file, there is a chance of finding your messages in the file with the extension dbt. Try to find the dbt files on your hard disk, then change their extensions to .dbx and load them into MailNavigator.

If there was a serious failure on your computer, it is probably not sufficient to simply rename dbt files to dbx. To restore the guaranteed working capacity of Outlook Express, we recommend that you load the contents of these files into MailNavigator and then export the messages to a newly created OE folder.

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