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 Information retrieval system

Information retrieval tool
for majority popular mail programs

MailNavigator was originally designed as the information retrieval program for the archives and mailboxes formats of the majority of popular mail programs. In addition to its own mailboxes, it accepts the formats of the following programs and makes them available for custom search: Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail (Vista), MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Mail, MS News, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, The Bat, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Forte Agent, Pegasus Mail, Eserv, and also for all the popular bases of the Fidonet information network.

information retrieval system With the help of filters the required search could be performed on a newsgroup, email, address, author of the message, and text content of the message. The advanced language of the filters includes the standard operators: OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, their synonyms, and parentheses for defining the order of operators. In most of the cases, simple list of keywords is enough to perform the search of the messages.

Sources of search - Mail archive files on your computer are automatically identified during loading of the program while being arranged in the lists that can be adjusted later. There is also a possibility to load specific mail file by hand. When a search is executed, the search results are loaded in a special virtual mailbox, which is automatically used later in the Messages navigator. All the keywords of the search that was executed are highlighted in bright colors. The program is most effective for the selection and handling of the messages from newsgroups or mailing lists, and further information search within collected messages.

For example, I have stored in one file the messages from ten newsgroups for the programmers and the messages from two mailing lists, with the file size already exceeding 100 MB. Now, when I have to work on a difficult problem, I could easily search through accumulated messages to find any relevant information within a matter of seconds.

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