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News Reader

MailNavigator formed as a retrieval system and the system for accumulation of the messages from newsgroups. However during the development of the program it has turned to the valuable client of mail and news.

In the majority of programs for the news readers you should select a newsgroup and connect to it. And then read news in the online mode. In the program MailNavigator, it is possible too. However technology realized in MailNavigator provides also the alternative technology of accumulation and further operation with the messages. This technology is based on that the newsgroup is not primary, unlike the file of accumulation of the messages.

ScreenShort - Subscription manager

Offline News

The File of accumulation of the messages is necessary just when you want, that the loaded messages should be stored for you and be accumulated in the concrete mail file. The manager of a subscription allows to install the same file of accumulation for several newsgroups, allows to install filters for the text of the message, besides allows to select the status of a subscription to limit loading of the large size messages.

   Multithreading mode of loading of the messages from newsgroups

Having defined with a subscription you launch the communication unit, which loads the messages in a multithreading mode. In loadtime of the messages the check on loading of the doubled information is fulfilled. That is, if the same article appears in two various newsgroups it will boot from the server once. It is enough frequent situation, so the control of duplicate considerably accelerates loading.

   Search and reading of news in offline mode

On completion of loading of the messages, there is their sorting and layout on files of accumulation defined in the manager of a subscription. The operation with such file of accumulation is similar to usual mailboxes. You can read, delete, edit the messages. And can accumulate and store them indefinitely long.

For example, a lot of the message from ten newsgroups and two mailing lists for the programmers are stored in one file. It size already has exceeded 100 MB. And when I need to decide a difficult problem, first that needs to be made, to fulfil information retrieval in my huge file of accumulation.

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