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 Outlook Express Repair FAQ

I successfully opened a dbx file in
MailNavigator and looked at the messages in it.
How can I export the messages back to OE?

There are two ways to export restored messages back to OE.

The first way is to export the messages to Eudora Mail format, and then to open OE and to import the messages from the Eudora format mailbox you just created. This method is described in detail on page:

The second way is to export the messages in separate eml files, and then to copy these files to the OE folder.

To export messages, open the mailboxes in Messages Navigator and select the messages you want to export. To export all messages browsable in the Navigator, use the menu command:

    Message | Select All

Having selected the messages for export, use the menu command:

    Message | Export to Separate Messages Files...

In the opened dialogue box, enter the export path and filename prefix, but the main thing is to give the files the extension: eml.

Export to Separate Messages Files

When the export is completed, and the .eml message files are in the directory you indicated, start Outlook Express to import these messages.

Select all the recovered eml files in Windows Explorer or other file manager,
Drag the selected eml files, and Drop them into a target folder in Outlook Express.

    Important note:

    It is possible that the OE folder to which you want to import the messages, is the same as the destroyed folder from which MailNavigator has just restored the messages. In this case, the folder should be cleared.

    Make a backup copy of the dbx file corresponding to this folder. And then delete this file. Just click on the folder name and OE will automatically create a new dbx file corresponding to the folder. When a new dbx file has been created, you can safely begin the procedure described above for importing messages into this folder.

Outlook Express DBX Repair FAQ

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