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 OE DBX Repair FAQ

How can I open dbx files
in the program MailNavigator?

MailNavigator automatically finds the dbx files of the installed and adjusted Outlook Express program. Just mark them with the bookmark "Information Retrieval" and they become searchable.

Information Retrieval page :: Boxes of Outlook ExpressInformation Retrieval page :: Boxes of Outlook Express

If MailNavigator cannot automatically determine the location of dbx files (for example if these files are on a CD), you can do it independently. Select the menu item: Sources | Add Directory, enter the name of the group of files, and indicate the directory in which the dbx files are located. Then, you can choose all or some of the files of this group for further search.

You also can load files from the Information Retrieval page by double clicking on each of them. Or search for messages in these files use the search system.

If you need to open only one dbx file for review, you also can use the menu command: File | Load External Mailbox... for loading it.

If MailNavigator is the default program for dbx files, searching and loading dbx files into MailNavigator is much easier.


    If no other program is associated with dbx files, then files with extension dbx associate with MailNavigator automatically at the first start of the program. If there is another program associated with dbx files, MailNavigator will offer you the choice of associating itself with this file type.

All you have to do is find the dbx files using Windows' standard search tools:

  1. Open "Start menu" on the task bar and select "Search".

  2. Select "For Files and Folders".

  3. As the search string, type *.dbx and click "Search Now".

  4. Select the required file resulting from the search and load it into MailNavigator by double clicking on it.

Outlook Express DBX Repair FAQ

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