Saving of changes



If you want all the changes you’ve made in the mail boxes and the Address Book to be automatically saved on the disk, go to Options and set the flag "Request confirmation of saving of changes on exiting" to No. Otherwise, set to Yes before exiting and the program will ask you: "Save changes or not?"

During use of the program, all changes to the edited information occur only in RAM. On the disk, these changes are saved only when escaping the program, or if you have clicked the special Save button, which is on the following pages: Messages Navigator, Subscription Manager, Address Book. This button is also useful if you leave your computer for a short time with the intention of returning shortly to the program. In this case (if the changes are saved), there will be no problem if someone accidentally switches off your computer.

Also, if you accidentally deleted something, or simply want to return to the original content of the message which you happen to be working on at a given moment, there is a ReLoad button on the same pages of the program for this purpose.


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