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2003-10-01  --  version 1.7

The new edition of a Manual to the program is issued.

2003-07-15  --  version 1.6

Is realized export of the messages in separate .msg or .eml files. The interface is translated on Hungarian.

2003-03-24  --  version 1.5

The algorithm of reading dbx fles is improved. It was added the support of the ESMTP protocol for authorization at dispatch of mail.

2002-06-25  --  version 1.4

Some bugs in the communication unit were fixed. MailNavigator now supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

2001-12-11  --  version 1.3

It was added the possibilities: of usage MailNavigator as a default mailer; the authorized access to the news server; executions of the most important functions from the command line or in the batch mode using the script file (including dispatch of the messages and files attached in it); registrations in the system and assignment of the standard operations for files .mbx .mba .eml (loading the archive of the messages and preparation of outgoing message).

2001-10-21  --  version 1.2

In this version of the program in the editor of outgoing messages there were added the functions: undo, search, replace, review of the source text and other.

2001-08-27  --  version 1.1

The program is supplemented by the manager of windows. Some changes have touched the editor of the outgoing messages. The bags of increased loading of the processor at receiving of the messages from newsgroups, and incorrect printing of the message with attached files were also fixed.

2001-06-21  --  version 1.0

Saving of messages in the format RFC-822 has been added. Simultaneous sorting by discussion thread and selected field is supplemented. Also some bugs in this version were corrected, including the error of unloading of the empty messages (without the remailer and receiver), and the error of incorrect saving of the data at turn off the power supply.


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